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Improving the Savanna NRM Knowledge Base

The land managers, planners and policy makers associated with the tropical savannas are often dealing with issues that are unique to remote northern Australia – and often the Natural and Cultural Resource Management (NCRM) knowledge for these areas is not easy to access. The Tropical Savannas CRC took advantage of its links to a broad range of knowledge providers across the north to make this knowledge more easily accessible. This lead to the following initiatives:

Establishing a Savanna “Library”













The Centre has produced or supported the production of around one hundred different books, booklets or reports on various aspects of savanna NCRM. These include

Ground-breaking books that for the first time bring together a broad range of knowledge on the savannas:

·         Savanna Burning: Understanding and Using Fire in Northern Australia

·         The Nature of Northern Australia: Natural values, ecological processes and future prospects

·         Culture, Ecology and Economy of Fire Management in North Australian Savannas: rekindling the wurrk tradition

·         The Bush book: A manual for managing native vegetation across northern Australia

Books that profile aspects of a region

·         Slower than the eye can see: Environmental change in northern Australia’s cattle lands – a case study from the Victoria River District, Northern Territory

·         Healthy Rangelands: Principles for sustainable systems. Focus on Australia’s Burdekin rangelands

·         Managing for healthy country in the VRD

·         Threatened Plants of Cape York Peninsula

Practical, hands-on guides

·         North Australian Grasslands Fuel Guide: Sturt Plateau and Victoria River District, N.T.

·         Healthy country indicator species for Cape York Peninsula

·         A field guide to assessing Australia’s Tropical Riparian Zones

Reports on practical aspects of savanna management

·         Weed Management on Aboriginal Land

·         Using satellite remote sensing to gauge grazing land condition

·         Monitoring biodiversity

·         And many others

Reports that inform better planning and policy for Savanna management

·         Reports on the regional dynamics of the savannas

·         Reports that evaluated regional planning used by the regional NRM groups in the savannas

·         Reports on tourism and its impact in the tropical savannas

In total over 14,400 of these publications were sold and over 14,800 were distributed free of charge to people involved with managing the tropical savannas between 2001 and 2009.

Developing web-based access to savanna NRM information

The North Australian Land Manager website ( is a clearinghouse for a range of information and research findings on Natural and Cultural Resource Management in northern Australia. It allows users to browse for information using a combination of regions and topics.


The north Australian Land Managers website

Since it was launched in early 2007, over 220,000 pdf publications related to savanna NRM have been downloaded.